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Guarding Aaron by T.M. Gaouette


The world continues to press in on Gabriel Livingstone’s quiet life when fifteen-year-old Aaron Buckley enters Yeung’s Martial Arts Studio looking to learn kung-fu. Gabriel knows there’s a desperate secret behind the boy’s bruises, and secretly vows to be his guard, with the help of his friend Christian. But when Tanner Rose pressures him for strength and direction, and Faith’s continued rebellion send him and his friends to the hospital, jeopardizing Tanner’s career, Gabriel is forced to reexamine his decisions. Is he called to the priesthood or is life behind the monastery walls merely an escape? “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” (Ephesians 6:10-11 RSVCE)


T.M. Gaouette’s newest novel, Guarding Aaron, is a true gem. This gifted storyteller has created another compelling page turner with perfectly woven together storylines, a heartfelt message, and a few surprising twists. Guarding Aaron is sure to be another fan favorite.

Guarding Aaron is the third book in TM Gaouette’s Kung Fu series. The series centers around Gabriel, a handsome teen who is dedicated to his faith, his mother, and his martial arts. In the first book of the series he meets Tanner Rose, a Hollywood starlet and the daughter of his mother’s friend.

Guarding Aaron continues the story of Gabriel, Tanner, and their friends. Gaouette does a wonderful job of creating relatable characters that you start to care about. Through the series I have enjoyed the growth of Tanner and Christian, wanted to scream at Faith, and now wish I could hug Aaron.

Aaron is new to the series. His story, which runs parallel to what is happening with Tanner and Gabriel, is incredibly touching. Aaron is being bullied at school and, tired of being the victim, has decided to take Kung fu classes. This is where he meets older teens Gabriel and Christian who are his instructors. The two storylines are woven together perfectly to make for a thoroughly engaging novel. There are even a few shocking twists that will keep you turning the pages. (One in particular, had me gasping out loud.)

You don’t need to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this book but I’m sure you will want to so you can spend more time with these characters.

A Note From the Reviewer:

As a writer and a mother, I’m always searching for wonderful Christian books for teens of all ages. I truly believe one way we can encourage teens in their faith is through fiction with positive messages, embedded in great stories. There are many fantastic Christian and Catholic teen novels out today but they can be hard to find. I’m excited to share some of these books with you.

Leslea Wahl

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