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Family Reading

Read a book or series together as a family. Take turns reading or parent led reading.  Have family discussions of the book.

Religious Education Class Library Checkout Examples:

Have a library of books for children to checkout.

Pre-k – 1st Grade:

    • Books: I can read Bible Stories, Saint Stories
    • DVDs: Veggie Tales Bible Stories, Brother Francis

2nd – 3rd Grade:

    • Books: Illustrated Gospel Stories, Illustrated Miracles of Jesus, The Laughing Saint
    • DVDs: God Is With Us, Brother Francis

4th – 5th Grade:

    • Books: Gospel Time Trekkers, St Theresa of Avila, In The Shadow of His Wings
    • DVDs: The Greatest Miracle

Book Clubs

Start your own year round or summer book club! For book club example discussions please preview Beth Ruggiero’s book reviews. Beth Ruggiero Book Reviews




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