Faith based books are fun!  We sell graphic novels, novels, picture books, fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction and more books. We sell plenty types of genres and hope your kids and community love it.  We provide books for preschool, elementary, youth and adults. 


  • 100% of the Profit from the books sold will go to the school or ministry hosting the Book Fair in cash.
  • We seek to maximize the profits for you through a sponsor program
  • We serve as a ministry to your school for FREE

How does the Christian Book Fair cash back system compare to other book fair point systems?

Why do we offer cash instead of points? While we want to encourage schools to expand their library, we also understand that every school has individual needs. Receiving cash allows the school control of how they use the profits earned toward their institution’s educational program. Having cash provides more flexibility in strengthening the school’s programs.

Other Book Fair Point systems vary depending on what you purchase you will get a lower yield when you apply the points to purchasing new books. As an example you may sell $85 of books racking up 85 points. A book that cost $4 may cost 85 points giving you a 5% return in value.

The Christian Book Fair’s Cash Back will always yield 100% of the profit. So, for example if you sell $85 of books then your school could get $42.50 in cash based on a 50% of the value of the book and free shipping. A profit estimate varies based on publisher’s that offer free shipping and their discount value. The Christian Book Fair yields %100 of the profit return in cash to the school. In some cases the Books may even yield 100% of the value of the book, please contact us for more information.