Type of Book Fairs

Types of Book Fairs:

  1. Paper Catalog.  This Book Fair will provide a age appropriate catalog to distribute to families at your school or ministry.
  2. Live Book Fair.  This book fair will set up a live book fair for a couple of days for children to directly view and purchase books. This is a great option of large schools who want to open the Book Fair to the entire parish community.
  3. Online Book Fair.  This book fair will provide the opportunity for families to go online and purchase books while specifying the recipient of the generated funds for the schools fundraiser.
  4. A Combination of the Above.  Enjoy the benefits of having a catalog, online catalog and/or live book fair all for free.
  5. Make your Christian Book Fair an Event! Allow us to help you create a Christian Book Fair that is open to the community. Allow vendors to sponsor your event and invite Authors for a book signing.

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Helping Three Hearts with One Hand

Each book fair may also allow families to purchase books as a book drive for the local homeless shelter or orphanage and make donations to accredited schools who serve only disadvantaged children, while %100 of the profit from sales will apply to the school’s fundraiser.

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