The Gift of Parenthood

Wow, the gift of parenthood is so remarkable isn’t it? I think we can all relate as parents a time when we were too hard on ourselves for not taking our child to the Dr. quick enough, or wishing we would have had more patience during our child’s temper tantrum. There are always going to be those unexpected moments that arise in our parenting. BUT, one great gift we’ve all been given are tools to feed our children’s faith! One of these tools are Biblical, Christian books! These fill our children’s souls in such a remarkable way that each story has a magical way of flying off the page and landing directly into our children’s hearts and souls!
We as parents are called to be our children’s vessels to God. Christian books give all parents that bridge that connects their children closer to Christ and fills their faith in such a deep, spiritual way! It is up to us to fill our homes and book shelves with these blessed stories that teach more than any other fiction, or non fiction book can. I

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