Acceptance Agreement of Christian Book Fair

Terms and Policies

The Golden Rule.  “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.  This is the law and the prophets.” ~ Matthew 7:12

The purpose of these terms and conditions are to uphold the integrity of the book fair and respect the privacy and treatment of others and property.

The Christian Book Fair will provide:

  • Books, materials, merchandise and promotional items that encourage Christian virtues, values, morals and teachings as well as literacy and learning.
  • Credit Card Readers (minumum 4), scanners, access to a payment processing account, cash box, Tax and Sales documentation.
  • Square User Account for each device used for checkout
  • PDF Catalog & Promotional Flyer
  • Online Book Fair where customers may specify donation recipient
  • Payment acceptance of all major credit cards
  • Book Title List to be agreed upon
  • Inventory list of items received
  • Profits from all book sales at the book fair (Profit = Sales – Expense)

The school, ministry or organization agrees:

    • All books, materials, merchandise and promotional items used in the book fair will be exclusively provided by Christian Book Fair unless otherwise agreed upon by the Christian Book Fair. The exclusive right is in good effort to protect the integrity of the book fair and to prevent personal gain by any individuals. No items provided are to be used for personal gain.  
    • All books, materials, merchandise and promotional items provided by the Christian Book Fair as previously agreed to for the book fair must be included as a part of the book fair throughout the entire duration of the book fair until otherwise sold.  
    • All merchandise, credit card machines, cash, checks, Sales Tax documents, sales receipts must be stored in a secure location when not in use in the book fair.  
    • Sale prices agreed upon must not be modified without permission from Christian Book Fair, such as to round the price up to the nearest whole dollar and those proceeds will be considered a donation to benefit the book fair event.  
    • All credit card, personal and Christian Book Fair account information and electronics must remain secure and not distributed or shared to any other person or entity.    
    • Copying or transcribing credit card information is prohibited.  
    • Please return any lost items to the owner. Contact the credit card company in the case of a lost or stolen card. 
    • Customer name and contact information must be entered duing Square Checkout in the case to provide the customer a receipt, return, pick-up order. 
    • A note at Sqaure checkout needs to be added if the book ordered is for a teacher wishlist. 
    • Electronics may NOT be used for any use other than Book Fair Credit Card Transactions. 
    • Electronics should not be in the possesion of children without supervision by teaching staff or a gaurdian or adult authorized by a gaurdian. 
    • Credit Card device or electronics may NOT be connected to unauthorized or unsecured networks.  
    • Please provide all volunteers with these instructions and contact information for the Book Fair Chairperson or liaison with the Christian Book Fair.  
    • All Book Fair Volunteers are required to remain respectful to each other and all customers.  
    • Book Fair Chairperson or Liaison is responsible for training any additional volunteers in these instructions and any other instructions provided by the Christian Book Fair.  
    • By accepting the Christian Book Fair terms and policy you acknowledge and agree to the security of credit card, account and personal information and providing instruction to appropriate volunteers to do so.  
    • All unsold items must be returned organized, undamaged and in a timely manner after the Book Fair.  
    • All credit card readers, scanners, electronics, Sales Tax documents, sales receipts, and unsold books, materials, merchandise, promotional items must be returned within a week of the end of the book fair.  
    • Please pay the invoice due for all items not returned within one month of receiving the invoice. Late payments may incur a late fee of 15% the value of the amount due for each month past due. Accounts will not be reconciled until all money owed is paid. Profits will be calculated after all accounts have been reconciled.  
    • Any items purchased online that is not in stock at the book fair will be shipped to the school after the book fair has ended.  
    • The school will be responsible for distributing books or materials that are provided or  shipped to the school.  

Live Book Fair Profit Return Estimate

Estimated Books, Discount, and Profit
Entity Providing BooksDiscount*Number of BooksProfit**
Christian Book FairRange from 25 – 55%Ave. 1200***100%
Local Book StoreRange from 10 – 20%Ave. 100100%
Donated Books100%Ave. 10100%

* Discounts may vary depending on Publisher’s policies.  We are very thankful to God for the gracious discounts and promotions provided. If a books requested late it may not have a discount if it is not already in stock.

** Profit may vary depending on shipping, credit card fees, gas or other expenses.    We strive to provide the maximum profit return to the donation recipient. We work to cover shipping, fees, and other expenses by other means besides book sales.

*** May be more or less depending on the size of the school or the event 

Christian Book Fair


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