Signs in the Dark by Susan Miura


ONE CAPTIVE. Blindfolded, gagged, and bound, 17-year-old Haylie Summers has only one goal: stay alive. Nothing about her abduction makes sense. Deaf since birth, she can’t hear her captors and can only guess why they would take her. Is she about to be thrown into the dark abyss of human trafficking? Or was she kidnapped by the protestors who marched at the wildlife rescue center where she volunteers? Haylie fights the harsh reality that her capture resulted from Nathan’s unexpected text.

Need to talk. Can you meet me in 10 behind your garage? It was the last thing she saw before getting dragged into a van. But it can’t be Nathan, with his ebony eyes and easygoing smile that crumbles the walls around her heart. No, it can’t be Nathan. Can it?

ONE SUSPECT. After a childhood of disruptions, Peruvian-born Nathan Boliva likes to keep life simple. Haylie is not simple. She is beautiful. She is brilliant. And she is worth the risk of breaking out of his comfort zone. But days after asking Haylie on a date, Nathan finds himself targeted by the FBI for a crime he didn’t commit. Far worse, anything could be happening to Haylie as the search continues.


Looking for a fantastic book to read? Look no further than Susan Miura’s Signs in the Dark. This book is such a treat and makes the perfect fictional escape.

High school student Nathan has finally worked up the courage to ask out the girl he likes. Haylie is beautiful, smart, sweet, and happens to be deaf. But when the object of Nathan’s affection is kidnapped, Nathan finds himself being interrogated by the FBI. He immediately jumps headfirst into trying to clear his name and find out what happened to Haylie. Nathan pursues his investigation the only way an infatuated high school boy could—rather recklessly.

All the characters in this book are fantastic. From supporting characters like the busy-body neighbor, the tough-as-nails FBI agent, and the derelict father, to the three teenagers that really power this novel, each comes to life with their unique personalities. The hopeful hero, Nathan, is a quick-witted joy. His internal musings are fabulous and make him one of my favorite YA characters of all-time. The interactions with Nathan and his elderly neighbor are hysterical, and the light-hearted back and forth between him and his best friend—perfection. The characters of Haylie and Alec are extremely well developed. The passages about their scars from the past and what makes them tick are quite touching.

Susan Miura is an exceptional author who creates intriguing characters from different backgrounds and ethnicities in all her books. She also does a phenomenal job of introducing readers to unique topics through her engaging stories. For instance, this book touches on human trafficking, wildlife conservation, hearing impairment, abandonment, and overcoming pains from the past. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of her YA books, but Signs in the Dark is my favorite Susan Miura novel yet.

A Note From the Reviewer:

As a writer and a mother, I’m always searching for wonderful Christian books for teens of all ages. I truly believe one way we can encourage teens in their faith is through fiction with positive messages, embedded in great stories. There are many fantastic Christian and Catholic teen novels out today but they can be hard to find. I’m excited to share some of these books with you.

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