Jesus Feeds the Hungry



Jesus Feeds the Hungry comes to life in this Bible story favorite using the art from the popular The Beginner’s Bible. Young children will learn about Jesus’ miracle of feeding five thousand hungry followers with just a few fish and loaves of bread.

Jesus Feeds the Hungry is a retelling of the favorite Bible story about Jesus feeding the five thousand.  Using art from the bestselling The Beginner’s Bible, this story is available in the popular and affordable 8×8 softcover format.

This lovely story about one of the most well-known of Jesus’ miracles tells about a young boy who travels to see and listen to Jesus preach. When Jesus is done teaching after a long day, the crowd is hungry and Jesus and his disciples want to feed the people. Soon, the young boy, who has brought his own meal of bread and fish, is called forward and he shares what he has. Through the great love of God and this miracle of Jesus, five thousand followers are fed that night.