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The ministry is dedicated to providing Christian books to inspire hearts, mind and Spirit. Please feel free to contact the Christian Book Fair regarding setting up a Book Fair and fundraiser for your school or ministry.

Phone: 214-392-1985

Mailing Address:
Christian Book Fair
534 Fairhaven Dr
Allen, TX 75002

The Christian Book Fair is a non-profit ministry. 100% of the profit from book sales goes to the school or ministry hosting the book fair. Serving the community by providing morally sound and virtuous faith-filled books for schools and ministries is our mission. Thank you for taking time to visit our site.

Please Pray

Please pray for the Christian Book Fair ministry and to help increase and restore the importance of reading books related to moral and religious teachings. Please pray that by God’s grace, the books provided may inspire and create intelligent, faithful, productive, intellectually engaged young and increase knowledge. May God bless you.



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