The Christian Book Fair, A Book Fair Haven For Kids

The Christian Book Fair is a non-profit ministry dedicated to providing book fairs. We promote reading Christian books to increase and restore the importance of moral and religious teachings. Books containing moral and religious teachings are an essential tool for inspiring and creating youth with:

  • Knowledge
  • Moral Hearts
  • Faithful Spirits
  • Intellectually Engaged Minds

Fundraiser for Schools

The Christian Book Fair goal is to provide book fairs and a fundraiser to the private Christian preschools and primary schools as well as home schools. 50% of the proceeds from the book fair will be given to the fundraiser’s charitable cause and the remaining 50% of the profit goes to purchasing books for schools for disadvantaged children. We are a Christian family book club, a nationwide ministry to increase faith-filled and morally sound reading habits.

Helping Two Hearts with One Hand

Each book fair may also allow families to purchase books as a book drive for the local homeless shelter or orphanage. %50 of the profit from sales will apply to the school’s fundraiser, Church Ministry or non-profit’s charitable cause.



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